Meet the Guys of Pawn!

2016-03-09 15.21.09

Marcus Shadeh.   Head of Customer Service & Sales.  Marcus has been here for 5 years.  His speciality is Jewerly Sales.  He is our Rock Star Jewelry Sales guy.  You can find Marcus most days directing much of the walk in Traffic at the front counter handling New Loans, Redeems, buying & Selling.  Marcus is a lifelong resident of Westland & is excpecting his first child this Spring!










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This is Nick.  He’s our newest hire.  He works in the warehouse locating items and cleaing tools & electronics.   Nick is in his 20’s and grew up in Westland.  He’s a good hardworking guy providing for a growing family.  He has a Fiance and 2 children.











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Justin Shadeh has been @ Garden City Pawn for about 3 years and is a customer service rep who handles new Pawn customers and sales.  Justin also Repairs & Reformats computers for us.  If you need a computer repaired or have a questions give Justin a call!

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